Scala IC200 Product Features
Scala HumanTouch
HumanTouch is Scala’s fast and easy-to-use graphical interface designed exclusively for real-time channel production. This interface looks its best when used on SVGA monitors or video reference monitors. HumanTouch makes channel creation simple and intuitive, but allows access to the full power of InfoChannel’s most advanced features. HumanTouch makes the creation of channels easier, smarter and faster than any other system.

The Shuffler
Scala InfoChannel automatically generates color miniatures of pictures and animations which give a quick graphical storyboard of the entire channel. If, for example, the user wants the third page to appear first – they can simply drag-and-drop it to the new location within the storyboard.

The File Shuffler
The File Shuffler enables the user to preview pictures, video or audio from CD-ROM, a computer, or a network. Miniatures are produced in real time and allow the easy browsing of all media assets.

Scala Scheduling
The scheduling system allows the assignment of multiple schedules on each page or group of pages. This power allows channel creation containing information for an entire month or longer. During playback, each channel will automatically be run on its assigned date and time.

Flowing Information
Scala can take a data stream provided by another computer and, in real time, add new pages to your channel based on your information flow. The user creates the template and flows the information.

Scala Sound
InfoChannel supports Microsoft’s industry standard DirectSound™ which enables Scala to easily support a wide range of audio cards. InfoChannel’s sound support is complete. IC200 can play 8 bit and 16 bit audio samples and support Wave table, external MIDI and FM synthesis MIDI playback. InfoChannel has built in controls for playing audio CDs and sound clips or dialog directly from the hard disk. The size of a sample is not limited by available memory. The program also comes with a built-in sound mixer to combine CD audio, sampled audio, MIDI files and external audio sources. The user can mix and match sound files and Scala converts them automatically - in real time.

MMX™ Technology Optimized
Using standard TrueType™ fonts Scala utilizes the MMX™ technology of Intel’s Pentium® Processor to dramatically improve the performance of Scala’s anti-aliasing engine. Anti-aliasing is the process of removing the jaggies and adding a smooth professional look that is required to produce broadcast quality video.

Scala Buttons
Scala buttons add full interactivity without the hassle of scripting languages. IC200 includes a library of pre-designed button images, which can be customized with different colors and sounds for highlighting and selecting effects. Scala’s built in touchscreen support allows the easy creation of interactive kiosks without any programming.

Functions, Variables and Conditional Branching
InfoChannel allows users to define variables and use conditional branching without a scripting language. These functions make it easy to create an interactive script that can ask a viewer a question and remember the answer. The script can keep score or choose the next lesson to display on the basis of previous responses and results. Files, strings and mathematical functions are all built in.

EXes- Software Plug-in Modules
To control specific devices like tele-phone dialers and video decks, IC200 allows the expansion of device support by using a plug-in system. A variety of plug-ins, avail-able separately, allow the user to control VTRs, laserdisks and video switches. Scala is always expanding the number of devices it supports by releasing new EX modules.

For the experienced multimedia programmer who wants more power -IC200 includes ScalaScript, the engine that lies underneath the user interface. Very complex applications can be written that include global and local scoping of variables and events. ScalaScript extends programming abilities even further.

Exciting Content from Scala Studios
InfoChannel comes with a CD-ROM full of professional, royalty-free multimedia art and demonstration channels.

Backgrounds - An extensive collection of over 500 backgrounds in two resolutions designed to fit the needs of a variety of markets.

Music - Whether a presentation needs quiet background music or attention getting rhythms, IC200 includes a tune to accentuate every message with over 80 selections available.

Sound Effects - Over 180 sound effects

Fonts - 20 TrueType™ and 16 ScalaTypes

Scripts - Get started quickly with ready to use script templates.

Clips & AnimGIFs - Over 620 2D and 3D clips are provided to enhance every presentation.

Video and Animations - IC200 delivers more than 20 full motion video and animation clips to help deliver messages with greater impact.

The Advanced Master Player Architecture
An InfoChannel Creation System is used to produce and distribute channels, while a Player Station receives and displays the scripts. An InfoChannel system can consist of one Creation Station and one Player Station, one Creation Station and several Players or multiple Creation Stations and multiple Players. Local site information can be mixed with global data. The distribution functionality in Scala InfoChannel IC200 is provided through ScalaNet – the communications tool for InfoChannel.

ScalaNet is a tool that gives complete control of the distribution of scripts and enables channels and files to be sent to the Players. The user can also restart the player, set the players date and time, maintain the players files and pull information from the player.

Advanced ScalaNet Features:
Players can be organised into groups. Individualized channels can be mixed with group level channels. A single instruction in ScalaNet will update a large group of players without having to create individual communication jobs. A communication log can be generated for each transmission. Users can perform maintenance on each player and retrieve disk directory images. A simple point and click interface is used to maintain the files on the player station. The Creation station contains details of the directory structure for each Player.

Communication Technologies
TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) enables the use of any Windows 95 or Windows NT communication device that supports TAPI.
Winsock2™ (Windows Sockets v2) support for TCP/IP point to point communication.
Direct Modem Control using standard Windows serial devices
Direct Cable Support via Null Modem
Available separately are a variety of data broadcasting technologies that include satellite, VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)

InfoChannel Players are designed for 24 hour a day/7 day a week operation. These dedicated systems play the channels distributed via ScalaNet and can be remotely updated while playing the current channels. Optional add on EXes to control Video Tape Records (VTRs), Laser disks, and Video Switchers may be added for increased usability. Scala InfoChannel handles the creation, distribution and playback of multimedia channels that play with the impact of television.

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