Scala InfoChannel IC200
Multimedia Authoring and Broadcasting Software
InfoChannel allows users to author and broadcast multimedia productions to target audiences such as employees, customers or the general public. Advertising, news, training and other visual communications can be distributed to target playback devices such as TV monitors, cable channels, or desktop PCs. InfoChannel features an easy to use award winning multimedia creation system with scheduling, real-time data insertion and integrated networking. It is the heart of a complete multimedia broadcasting solution provided by the Scala global network of Value Added Resellers.
Key Features:
  • Smooth, full-screen, TV-like playback with real-time effects and transitions
  • Hundreds of transitions including zooms, pushes, fly-ons, alpha and dissolves
  • Easy user interface and extensive authoring tools; totally WYSIWYG- no rendering
  • Interactive button authoring, variables and branching without a scripting language
  • Digital audio playback and mixing of WAV, MIDI, CD and external input
  • Integrated networking allowing broadcast via Modem, LAN, Internet or Satellite (with add-on)
  • Scheduling and logging of events
  • Dedicated player software that runs 24/7 allowing content to be updated without taking the player offline
  • Remote maintenance and log retrieval of players over a network
  • DirectX, MMX, and DirectShow support
  • Expandable with add-on EX modules (VCR Control, Weather data sensor input, InfoQ queue management)
The Scala InfoChannel Solution

A simple point and click interface that allows the combination ofvideo, animation, graphics, sound, text and interactivity to create compelling multimedia messages.

• Visual authoring environment opens up creative development to non-technical users.

• Flexible multimedia software supports video, animation, graphics, sound and text.

• User-centric WYSIWYG interface allows real-time manipulation of video, clip-art and animated GIFs.

• Allows dynamic, real time insertion of antialiased (smoothed) text into running presentations.

• Supports MPEG, BMP, GIF, IFF, JPEG, PCX, PhotoCD, PNG, TIFF, MIDI, WAV, CD Audio, FLC, FLI, Anim, QuickTime®, Scalatype, DirectX, Active Movie.


A practical interface allows content to be managed, scheduled and delivered to broadcast or targeted narrowcast audiences over any multimedia distribution network.

• Provides centralized control over how and when communication occurs.

• Enables scheduling and targeting of distinct messages to multiple audiences.

• Streamlines network traffic by minimizing redundancy in the communications stream.

• Flexible delivery options leverage corporate investment in IT infrastructure standards including direct connect, LAN/WAN and Data Broadcasting.

• Enables creation of professional, broadcast quality multimedia communication.

A powerful playback engine allows TV quality programming to be seen on every delivery platform, from TV’s to PC’s, laptops to cable set-top boxes, point of sale and interactive kiosks.

• Delivers high quality visual communication with the sensory impact of television.

• Flexible playback design enables application in diverse venues, wherever large or small audiences congregate.

• Effective on a variety of playback mechanisms including interactive kiosks, cable head ends, video walls, projection systems and private/corporate television.

• Continuous broadcasting (24 hours/day, 7 days/week.)

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