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ItWorks is a Certified SmoothWall Partner

FireWall Appliance

Easier than Cisco PIX, less expensive than SonicWall, a robust and economic solution!

For advanced features including content filtering, Spam filtering, virus protection, multiple web servers on the DMZ, see the SmoothWall Corportate Professional Software Options below.

SmoothWall Corporate:  The easiest to use professional firewall >>>
SmoothWall is a family of Internet security products, designed to defend your users and your network from external attack.


Click for a LIVE demo of SmoothWall Corporate FireWall

SmoothWall Corporate Server is a distribution based on a security hardened Linux operating system. SmoothWall includes a hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system, so there is no separate OS to install. Designed for ease of use, SmoothWall is configured via a web-based GUI, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Linux to install or use.

For those that want turn key solutions, ItWorks offers Ready to Run Network Appliances with SmoothWall Corporate Server and its modules preinstalled and optionally pre-configured for your network.

The SmoothWall network appliance features a DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) to allow you to run a webserver, mailserver and other public servers while providing robust attack prevention, stateful packet filtering, and ease of use. This valuable feature is only found on enterprise level Firewalls such as SonicWall and Cisco. Plus unlike these companies that nickel and dime you to death on user licenses, and require maintenance agreements for updates, this product has UNLIMITED users!

There is also a wide variety of software add-on modules to perform specific security and VPN tasks. See the description at right and below for more information.


Government, Educational, and Corporate Purchase Orders Welcome-
Fax to 530-899-3333   Educational Discounts are available.


SmoothWall has an installed base of over 12,000 worldwide, now its available for the first time in a pre-configured appliance...

Turnkey Desktop and  RACK MOUNT Network Appliance solutions are also available.

Software Features:
  • 3 different security Zones: RED for WAN, Green for LAN, and ORANGE for DMZ
  • Ease of Configuration Simple Web Browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes setup no more difficult than point and click.
  • Open license workstations on the LAN, no screwball per seat license restrictions like with SonicWall
  • LAN supports up to 255 firewall protected workstations.
  • Built in DHCP server for plug and play network connections of workstations
  • WAN connection for use with wide variety of DSL, ADSL, SDSL, Cable Modems, and many other broadband 10/100 Internet connections.
  • Stateful inspection The use of the Linux 2.4 kernel provides stateful inspection which maximises security and facilitates the handling of complex protocols.
  • Built in DMZ, a feature found only in hi-end firewalls, allows you to run a webserver, mailserver, or other public server under the protection of the firewall appliance. Add multiple webservers using the SmoothHost module.
  • DMZ pinholes - allow for protected LAN to DMZ access for specialized applications
  • VPN - Virtual Private Network support allows remote authorized connections from remote home or office locations
  • Intrusion Detection System - aka "snort" logs all evidence of attacks
  • Logging Server - logs all traffic, built in weekly and monthly automated housekeeping
  • DNS Proxy Server - speeds web connections
  • Dynamic DNS support, enables handling DSL and Cable Modem connections that rotate their IP addresses while maintaining a web and /or mail server domain name
  • Port and IP Forwarding rules - allows for greater security by masking real addresses
  • Web Proxy - Caches commonly visited web pages and content, reducing bandwidth load
  • PPP Dialup support allows you to share a dialup connection using an external modem or to have a backup internet connection via dialup - up to five profiles can be used.
  • Networking Additional IP networking diagnostics tools, DHCP static address assignment, support for additional Dynamic DNS providers along with defense mechanisms against Denial of Service attacks.
  • IP block page Create a list of public IP addresses that are to be blocked from accessing any computers on the local networks protected by SmoothWall Corporate.
  • Shell Server - allows Linux Shell commands to be run via web browser interface
  • Built in help on all config pages
  • Back up Backup the SmoothWall configuration information to a floppy disk or to a USB Flash Drive.
  • Documentation full documentation on CDROM, including a Quick Start Guide along with comprehensive Installation and Administration manuals.
  • Software is upgradeable via the Web
  • Linux Source Code Available for your own customizations
  • Additional Web Upgradeable Features available via purchase include: Spam Filtering, Content Filtering, DMZ enhancements to allow large scale server farms.

Smoothwall Software Modules

Corporate Firewall Corporate Firewall is the flagship product of the Smoothwall line.
Providing a range of firewall features at an affordable cost, Corporate Firewall
puts the power of hardware-based network security at your fingertips.
SmoothGuardian Module With the addition of the SmoothGuardian module, your firewall also functions as
a content filter. SmoothGuardian allows complete control over the sites your
users visit, with administrator-configurable blocking of content featuring
pornography, advertisements, adult material, and more. Licensed from 10 PC's
up to 2000 or more. Deep volume and educational discounts are available.
Extend your protection to the limit with the addition of SmoothHost. Create multiple
IP addresses on a single connection, then host multiple web servers behind your
Smoothwall Corporate Server. SmoothHost is the perfect addition for growing ISP's
and hosting services.
SmoothMonitor Module Turn your network issue philosophy from reactive to proactive! SmoothMonitor adds
alerting and reporting capabilities to your Corporate Server. Create automated alerts
to notify you via email, cellphone, or virtually ANY message-capable device.
Schedule executive summary reports for automatic email distribution daily, weekly,
or monthly. Generate ad hoc reports for detailed views of the current state of your
firewall. All this and more... SmoothMonitor makes it simple!
SmoothRule Module Maximize your security while maximizing your productivity! SmoothRule adds
service- and user-based constraints to configure what and who may use external
services. SmoothRule is perfect for allowing just the right amount of access.
Smoothwall VPN Modules Smoothwall can be extended to provide VPN services with the SmoothTunnel and SmoothNode add-on modules. With features such as IPSec security, x509
certificate support, and 3DES encryption with both MD5 and SHA1 support,
SmoothVPN provides secure communications for remote users.
Unsure which products are right for you? Our Product Roadmap provides a
brief description of each product in the Smoothwall line, along with previews
of things to come.
  CLICK FOR A LIVE DEMO of Smoothwall Corporate Server

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