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Scala InfoChannel Software has dozens of uses!

Character Generator

Graphics Still Store

Video Clip store/player using MPEG1 or MPEG2 format

An inexpensive "over the shoulder" news graphics generator

An on-air weather graphics system when combined with our IntelliWeather graphics suite

Logo or "bug" inserter

Community Bulletin Boards

Internal corporate live video communication channels or desktop information channels.

School video bulletin boards

Kiosk display driver with touch screen interface

Dedicated Video display application Server

Point of Sale Display

Private Video Billboard channel for Kiosks, hotel lobbies,

Stand alone Cable TV channel including commercial insertion and scheduling Scala software upgrade required

A stand alone Weather Channel when combined with WeatherView 32 software, a digital weather station, and our IntelliWeather graphics suite




















Overview Diagram


The best solution for live TV bulletin boards, video channels, and digital signage- Scala InfoChannel

Scala Logo (image)Scala offers a complete solution for reaching a large audience with engaging content

Scala has been a leading international developer of multimedia authoring and broadcasting software for corporations, cable television operators, retailers and consumers for several years. Scala’s InfoChannel Designer is used worldwide to create dynamic full-screen productions with text, graphics, animation, sound and video, for broadcast via corporate intranets or the Internet to television-based displays or computers. The newest products from Scala are InfoChannel Designer5 and iplay Studio. 

SCALA InfoChannel Designer Multimedia on-air presentation system. This program provides on-air control of all multimedia functions, including video effects. Can be controlled via GPI trigger, keyboard or mouse input.

Scala InfoChannel Designer Box Shot (image)InfoChannel Designer 3  ( PDF Brochure )
InfoChannel Designer 3 allows users to author and schedule professional TV-like multimedia for virtually any type of display application. From retail Dynamic Signage to entertainment, education and business communications, InfoChannel Designer gives users more creative control with seamless integration of text, graphics, animation, sound and video. You design kiosks for store directories, self-service product information, museum exhibits or even employee training. You also have a wide array of content publishing options: via InfoChannel Networks, the Web, CD-ROM, e-mail, stand-alone file, HTML, or video. Full alpha channel support for graphics overlay during live effects.
Product Code: SCA2018, Retail: $2,400.00 includes our NTSC reference program on CD

More PDF brochures: Scala Overview | Scala Workflow | Scala Newsfeed | IntelliWeather Content Service

See more info on the internal workings of Scala InfoChannel

Scala iPlay Studio Box Shot (image)iplay Studio
Ideal for home, education and business users who want to create animated presentations to publish and share on the Internet. Presentations can be viewed as images in web browser or in full-screen multimedia format with Scala's free multimedia player, iplay. Want to check it out yourself? Download the 30-day trial version of iplay Studio for free!
Key features of iplay Studio include real-time image processing, opacity control, drawing tools and the ability to publish content via the Internet. The software was designed to maximize the features of the latest technologies such as the Pentium II, DirectX and DirectShow. iplay Studio also offers hundreds of creative transitions such as zooms, pushes, flyons, alpha wipes and dissolves.
Product Code: SCA2007, Retail: $129.00 includes our NTSC reference program on CD

InfoChannel Designer InfoChannel Designer 
Author and publish dynamic TV-like multimedia content on the Internet and CD-ROM. Gives users more creative control with seamless integration of text, graphics, animation, sound and video. Content can be published to CD-ROMs, web pages or Scala Channels. 
Product Code: SCA2008, Retail: $989.00 includes our NTSC reference program on CD



Scala comes with our Exclusive NTSC Video Reference CD ROM to enable you to setup the PC with composite/S-video output for any broadcast application!

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