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The Media Server 4000 has dozens of uses!

Character Generator

Graphics Still Store

Video Clip store using MPEG1 or MPEG2 format

An "over the shoulder" news graphics generator

An on-air weather graphics system when combined with our IntelliWeather graphics suite

Logo or "bug" inserter

Private Video Billboard channel for Kiosks, hotel lobbies,

Stand alone Cable TV channel including commercial insertion and scheduling IC200 software upgrade required

A stand alone Weather Channel when combined with WeatherView 32 software, a digital weather station, and our IntelliWeather graphics suite

If you only buy one system for doing live graphics presentation, buy this one...

Stuart Schaffert, Chief Engineer, KHSL-TV

The Media Server 4000 is an inexpensive "all-in-one" solution for news graphics and weather graphics at KHSL-TV and KNVN-TV. Each station owns two systems, one for live news graphics, and one for weather presentations.

Some users of the Media Server 4000:

  • Santa Rosa, CA Community Television
  • Squaw Valley USA
  • Accu-Weather Inc.
  • The US Air Force
  • ITT
  • Davis, CA Community Television
  • City of Fairfield, CA Community Television

Overview Diagram
MediaServer 4000:


Video Server, Still Store, Audio Clip store, Character Generator, Effects generator, keyer and multimedia on-air presentation and Editing System, All-in-One! PC Based, Open Architecture, Expandable

The Media Server 4000 is a complete video solution for the video professional or broadcaster. The system provides a cross-platform, open system solution for professional and braodcast multimedia authoring and presentation. The Media Server 4000 supports NTSC and PAL Video standards and lets you capture, edit and playback full-motion, full-resolution digital video with fully synchronized CD or DAT quality audio. The system also has a passthru video keyer and its advanced architecture provides incredible processing speed for video and audio effects, titling and compositing capabilities. The system eliminates the need for several separate broadcast devices.

The Media Server 4000 is a low cost PC based system designed to be a full featured desktop graphics editing system for use in on-line or off-line broadcast TV facilities and post production houses. As an off-line editor it allows the user full control over all editing components of digital video and the ability to manage video large projects using an intuitive visual graphical interface and a timeline editor. In the on-line mode, the MediaServer 4000 becomes a combination of a dual channel still-store with effects as well as a real-time video clip store. In this mode, the user can quickly assemble a variety of stills and video clips and play them in sequence controlled by time, keyboard, mouse, or GPI input trigger. The Media Server 4000 is a perfect addition to a TV facility for providing video, audio, animation, and stills on demand in such live situations as a TV newscast.

The virtual Digital Video Disk Recorder (DVCR) does real-time Digital Video capture and playback of composite RS-170A and Y/C Component video including a synchronous CD quality stereo soundtrack. The video frame grabber utility allows capture of still video frames, and export as files in several formats Full software video controls, including H/SC genlock phasing, pass-through bandwidth, pre-emphasis, gamma correction, filtering and many others provides adaptivity to even the most diverse video applications.

The Media Server 4000 offers Professional Video and Graphics Editing functionality in a high-performance, low-cost desktop configuration. With Intel CORE I5 and I7 CPU's, the Media Server 4000 offers excellent processing performance for fast digital video effects and video editing applications, combining power and specifications to offer video and high-performance processing in a single unit.

PC Open Architecture allows you full control over system expansion

System integration is based on industry standard parts, this means that for service emergencies, you can substitute locally purchased technology. Likewise for exapnsion, standrad off-the-shelf computer components enable you to grow your technology investment.

Broadcast Professional-quality video

Because the Media Server 4000 operates in a completely digital environment, you can master an unlimited number of first-generation tape copies. The Media Server 4000 captures video at full-motion, full-frame rates (50 fields/sec - PAL, 60 fields/sec - NTSC) with CD-quality digitized audio at 16-bit resolution (at 44.1KHz or 48KHz sampling rates). Because both fields of video are processed, there is no loss of video resolution. All audio and video processing is done by on-board DSP's which assure you of perfectly synchronized sound and images. Video input and output is fully RS-170A compliant as well as SD and HD-SDI compliant with genlock.

Live video capture/playback

The Media Server 4000 captures both audio and video in real time to the A/V hard drive. The data is captured to a standard Windows Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file using motion-JPEG compression. And because capture/compression is a one-step process, intermediate conversions are not required. The Media Server 4000 plays captured audio and video in real time, directly from the A/V hard drive.

In addition, you can grab individual images, based on a single video frame or field, from a captured video sequence. Multiple video clips can be edited or trimmed with single-frame accuracy.

Standard Hardware and Software Features




  • SCALA InfoChannel Designer Multimedia on-air presentation system. This program provides on-air control of all multimedia functions, including video effects. Can be controlled via GPI trigger, keyboard or mouse input.

    Timeline event control, effects control, and content control can all be done from the main screen while forward, reverse, and skip controls can be done via GPI or remote serial RS232. ICD200 is an all-in-one package that performs the functions of a character generator, still-store, video store, and audio clip player all in one.



MediaServer 4000 Benefits

  • Open architecture in both hardware and software. There are no proprietary hardware or software systems that hinder expansion. Most any hardware or software upgrades available for the PC can be used with the system. Faster processors, more memory, extra hard drives, 3D Animation software, and many other upgrades are available via the open market.
  • Captures stills, audio, and video in real time directly to the A/V hard disk in 24 bit
  • 16-bit CD/DAT-quality stereo audio simultaneously captured and synchronized to video
  • Provides a single hardware solution for generating video that conforms to both NTSC (U.S.) and PAL (European) video standards
  • Generates full-frame video with both video fields, resulting in professional-quality video, smooth motion, and no loss of video information during data capture or playback
    • NTSC: 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second (60 fields per second)
    • PAL: 768 x 576 pixels at 25 frames per second (50 fields per second)
    • Optional- CCIR-601 720x486 Component Betacam and MII support via field upgrade
    • 1280x720 HDTV, 1920x1080 HDTV
  • Produces true-color conversion (YUV 4:2:2) for optimal image quality
  • Software adjustable video coring, pre-emphasis, notch filtering, and gamma correction for input and output video.
  • Provides SDI plus composite (RS-170A) and S-video (Y/C) input/output ports for format flexibility and the ability to interface with a variety of video equipment
  • Uses Real-time MPEG1/2 compression & decompression technology for the industry's highest quality image compression
  • The capture software offers variable compression ratios so users can choose between optimal image quality (low ratios) or longer capture times
  • All Video preview, capture, playback, and editing can be done with the onscreen SVGA monitor. An external NTSC/RGB Monitor is not required. Providing Video-in-a-Window on your desktop and Video-out-a-Window for sending full-screen video to tape, live, or air
  • Full-compliance with all Microsoft® Video for Windows (VFW) 32-bit applications
  • Genlock via separate sync input or to video source, which allows the MediaServer 4000 output to synchronize with existing video production equipment. Includes software for genlock H/SC studio phasing control.
  • Includes all audio-video input/output cables Video is BNC, audio is RCA

Media Server 40000 Hardware Options

  • Additional MediaServer 4000 workstations and a 100 megabit/sec hi-speed Ethernet network to interconnect them. Allows video to be edited in other edit suites, such as News, and transferred to the MediaServer 4000 Server for on-air sequencing and playback
  • Video Pro Upgrade - module designed to add support for analog Component Video (GBRS and Y,R-Y,B-Y) in addition to standard Composite and Y/C (S-video) video and audio input/output. Also provides CCIR 601 video input/output resolutions: 720 x 486 (NTSC) and 720 x 576 (PAL)
  • 512 mb EDO system memory expansion, for large editing projects
  • 1000 Mhz Pentium III processor or Pentium 4 at 1.5 Ghz
  • Dual Pentium II processors and motherboard, in single and dual processor configurations. Faster processors improve editing time dramatically, especially when doing 3D effects.
  • External RAID drive arrays for many minutes to hours of extra video storage or playback
  • Recommended for viewing of edited video - a 13-inch video presentation monitor to be purchased separately, such as the Sony PVM1354Q monitor
  • Customized specifications available. Please ask sales person for assistance in configuring.



DESCRIPTION                 PRICE    
MediaServer 4000       $5990.00 HD-SDI, SD-SDI, RS170A, and genlock, ready to run system
Custom configurations on request

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